Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Scalloped lace beret pattern

Here it is at last, my first self designed pattern!


Katia 100% fine merino wool or
1 5og gram ball of sport weight yarn (I recommend using a stretchy and soft merino yarn)
1 32 '' long 4.5mm (US 7) circular needle
Set of 5 4.5mm (US 7) DPNs
Stitch marker
Tapestry needle

Pattern notes
*When joining wool use the split splicing method. This will help you to avoid lumpy bits in the stitch pattern and save you time because there will be no ends to weave in.

*M1L: Insert left needle into horizontal bar between the two stitches from front to back. Using the right needle knit through the back of that stitch. Here is good tutorial on how to do this increase:

Scallop lace pattern Multiple 18+2
1st row: knit all sts
2nd row: knit all sts
3rd row: k1, *[k2tog] x3, [yf, k1] x6, [k2tog] x3; rep from * to last st, k1.
4th row: purl all stitches
Rep these 4 rows

Co 108 sts (36 sts on each of the 3 needles), place marker to show the start of the round. Work in 2x2 rib for 8 rows (1inch).
Next row (9): Working in stockinette st with the circular needle, [knit 6 sts, M1L] x8, then [knit 5, m1L] to the end of the row. M1L between the last stitch you just knitted and the first stitch. (128 sts)
Start stich pattern and work 7 repeats. Add more is you want a slouchier hat.
Just a warning, my hat didn't seem that floppy at this point but it was later after blocking it. Do more repeats ONLY if you want a big, tam shaped hat.

Decreasing: You can change to 4 dpns when knitting gets difficult with 5.
Row 1: knit all sts
Row 2: knit all sts
Row 3: Using all 5 dpns for this row; k2tog around. (There are now 64 sts in total, 16 sts per needle)
Row 4: purl all sts
Row 5: knit all sts
Row 6: knit all sts
Row 7: k2tog across (32 sts now)

Row 8: purl all sts
Row 9: knit all sts
Row 10: knit all sts
Row 11: k2tog across (16 sts)
Row 12: purl all sts

Row 13: knit all sts

Row 14: knit all sts
Row 15: k2tog across (8sts)

Cut yarn leaving a 6" long tail. Thread onto a tapestry needle and thread through the 8sts let on the needles. Weave in ends well. Block lightly and flatten out on and bowl covered with a towel.
Wear proudly!


Anonymous said...


I just came across your blog and I have to say that this hat is FANTASTIC! I love it and want to cast on straight away! Thank you for the pattern.

Susan said...

Just discovered your pattern on Ravelry. Looks good! Thanks for sharing.

Carrie said...

Found your pattern on Ravelry--it's so pretty!!! I'm getting ready to cast on. . .

KerryLiz said...

Found your blog on Ravelry. You're very talented!

Sharolynn McConnell said...

Have just found this scalloped lace beret, only here in Australia we call it Feather and fan stitch, i am currently making a christening set in this stitch it really is beautiful and so easy